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Covid-19 Safety precautions

Here at Guardian House, it is important to us to ensure all of our tenants and their visitors remain safe.

We have signage in each communal entrance to remind those entering our building of the Covid-19 guidelines.

We have installed sanitising points next to each front door to allow those entering to sanitise upon entry and exit.

Whilst it is recommended to wash hands with soap and water over sanitising, we have offered the next best thing to minimise the spread of any viruses in our communal areas.

Hand washing

Firstly, it is important that although we have hand sanitiser available to use, the best method to ensure your hands are clean is to wash your hands with soap and warm water. Using the correct hand washing method and for a minimum of 20 seconds is always the best way. We have communal toilets for all tenants and visitors to use. Communal toilets are cleaned on a regular basis.

Hand sanitiser

If it is not convenient for you to make your way to the toilet, we have hand sanitiser available for use. Our Supplier, Sanitise This, provides a liquid sanitiser with an 80% alcohol content. We have the following advice regarding our sanitiser:

• Dosage: for the average hand size, 3ml is sufficient volume for full coverage.

• Contact time: 20-30 seconds. In order to kill the virus, contact time is very important. As our hand sanitiser is the required high concentration, the contact time is shorter (and effective) than lesser concentrations.

• Drying time: Once again because of the high concentration of alcohol and it being a rinse, your hands will quickly return to feeling normal, without residue or a sticky sensation.

We know this is a tough time for all but we hope we can make it that little bit easier!

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