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Homemade hand sanitiser

All the talk in news at the moment regarding COVID-19 has seen all the hand sanitiser fly off the shelves as everyone wants to make sure they have good hygiene practices.

As always, it is a well known fact that the best way to help prevent the spread of any virus is washing your hands with soap and water. If it is not possible to wash your hands regularly, the next best thing is hand sanitiser gel but this is something of a challenge to get hold of at the current time.

After searching endlessly online to try and find some, everywhere is either sold out or has a 2-3 wait time before dispatch so we quickly gave up on that idea.

After a visit to a pharmacy in town and the question was asked about their stock levels, we noticed they had a recipe for creating your own sanitiser at home with a few simple ingredients and here is what you will need:

1. Vodka! Doesn't need to be any particular brand so cheap vodka will be fine.

2. Aloe Vera gel

3. Tea Tree oil

You can add any other preferred oils too such as lavender or peppermint.

You will need a small bottle - a 50ml plastic bottle (the clear travel sized bottles will work perfectly!)

You then need to fill a quarter of the bottle with vodka.

Add 10-15 drops of the tea tree oil. Both tea tree oil and lavender oil have anti-bacterial properties so they will work well together as well as smelling great!

Then fill the rest of the bottle with the Aloe Vera gel, give it a shake and you are good to go.

We would just like to add that we would always suggest washing your hands with soap and water - this is going to be the best way to kill germs but a simple, homemade gel will be better than nothing!

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