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Optimise your workspace

A dark and cramped office space may mean that your productivity levels dwindle pretty quickly. Here are some tips to ensure you keep that focus – the key to meeting deadlines.


It is really important to ensure you have the correct working temperature for you. Airflow is really important so if you have a window, its best to have it open! Investing in some plants is another great way to keep the air maintaining a healthy level of humidity.

Natural Light

Artificial light can contribute towards eyestrain, headaches and burred vision symptoms. Where possible set your office in a way to increase the natural light in.


Water consumption is a great way to improve sleep quality and energy levels. It also can help your awareness and alertness increase so keeping a bottle of water on your desk is key to keeping yourself hydrated.


Keep your filing organised and invest in some quality shelving, filing cabinets and cupboards. You can buy organisers to fit inside of cupboards to keep any spare stationery organised and tidy. If you have a lot of archiving – take a look at putting this into storage to keep your office uncluttered.


At the end of each working day, tidy up your desk. Clearing your desk can mark the end of the day and you can leave knowing the desk is clean and ready for you the next day. Its also worth giving it a quick wipe over with some anti-bacterial spray or wipes – especially if you eat at your desk!

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